Guide: Using Midjourney & Dall-E Beginner, Advanced, and Expert Sections

Section 1: Beginner Techniques For Unichat Image Prompting

  2. Use Descriptive Prompts: When creating Image prompts with Unichat, be descriptive to get vibrant and unique output. 

Add adjectives like: mesmerizing, magnificent, or hyper-realistic to enhance the effect.

Mention Artist Names: Include “By <artist names>” or “<artist name> Style” in your prompt to mimic their artistic touches. Check the “Unichat List of Artists Supported by Midjourney” for hundreds of artists and their fields of work.  

Specify Styles: Use styling keywords such as pixel art, digital art, fantasy, surrealism, contemporary, or minimalism to define the kind of style you want in the artwork.

Specify Quality and Resolution: Specify the quality of the artwork using keywords like high-quality, 4k, or 8k. 

You can also use the “-quality” parameter to define how long the AI spends creating your image. 

Change the resolution by using aspect ratios (“-ar”) to alter the output’s width and height.

Include Art Platform Names: Mention art platform names like Artstation, Behance, Unreal Engine, Weta Digital, Weta FX, or WLOP to pull styles from those platforms.

Add Art Medium: Include art medium names such as pencil art, ink art, oil pastel, watercolor, or sculpture to explore different artistic techniques and materials.

Section 2: Advanced Techniques for Midjourney Prompting


Multi Prompts: Use multi prompts to indicate the use of two or more concepts in a prompt. 

Separate compound words with a double colon (::) to gain more control over specific words.

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